Welcome to our Bali jewelry shop.

Please also review our bargain price feature at our Bali jewelry shop below. It is below of our each item description.

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Most of our items in our jewelry shop categories are ready to order.

This is mean many of them are not ready stock. However we usually can fill all the silver jewelry shop order with in few weeks.

All silver beads and chains are sell by grams at our jewelry shop. However, we always can give you price per length. Please kindly messages us if you have further inquire.

For your convenient, we add bargain option, so you can left us your bargaining messages at each of every item in our jewelry shop.

We also suggest you to review every sizes and dimension of every Bali jewelry shop items, before you made purchasing decision. We use metric and grams, so for you that not familiar with this may need to convert it here.

You also can review our Bali jewelry shop by it categories. Each category represent the group by it form and also materials combination.

Items that sold by grams, in general about two times raw silver materials cost. Please also see updated metal price.

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