Materials and Components

Generally anything that we need to make your product is available to us either in Bali or we can source easily thru our agent in Thailand. Some of the exceptions can include the following:

  1. Special stones and shell that are not usually stocked by most stone vendors
  2. Special metals may need to be imported or supplied by the customer
  3. There are many types of beads that are unavailable in Bali or Thailand, these may be supplied by the customer or the customer can give us their source and we can import them
  4. Particular findings are not always available in either Thailand or Bali so they need to be imported – for instance high quality barrette backs from France

Some components we import to increase the overall quality of the finished product. For example in Bali we import U.S. machine made silver posts because if made by hand the posts have no standard qualities and are often sub par. For making some ear-wires we import U.S. silver wire for maximum shininess.

In the process of making sample prototypes for you we determine if we have the materials and components available to us in our Asian domestic markets or do we need to import or receive from you our customer.

But before we can establish exactly the materials we need to complete your styles it is important that we get an accurate definition of your designs. For that we need you to use standardized design specifications so we are both talking the same language. Please click to the Design Specifications page.

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