We know many of you will be looking for a testimonials page to better understand us. Also maybe just to make sure that we are real. But we are sorry, most of our existing customers just do not allow us to do it and sometimes do not even allow us to just upload their visit in our social media. They have their own reason for that and we respect that.
However, we will replace this testimony by explaining what type of customers we have or looking for our services. So far we have customers coming from:

  1. Big wholesalers that would like to save on handling in their country, finish products until packaging and labeling are completely done with us.
  2. The designer used to make their own jewelry but since the demand for their product overwhelms them, so they are looking for help in production.
  3. The jeweler also makes their own jewelry and they only order certain components with us.
  4. The company makes half-finished items with us and the rest of the process in their facility so that they will have a unique finished product at the same standard all the time.
  5. The shop owner who not just making jewelry but also looking for other stuff so we act as buying agents for them in Bali.
  6. Specialist show business or market sellers who only have a few events per year.
  7. The non-jewelry company only orders certain silver parts that we even don’t know what it is for.

So here are some of them that represent more than 100 of our existing customers. This list could be growing since we are open to any kind of opportunity. And we are looking forward to that opportunity from you next.

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