Bali Silver Jewelry: A Timeless Craft

Bali, an island in Indonesia known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, is also famed for its exquisite silver jewelry. The art of crafting is not just a trade but a cultural heritage passed down through generations. This article delves into the history, significance, and unique characteristics, ensuring you understand why this craft remains…

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Indonesia’s Demographic Bonus: Fueling the Handicraft and Jewelry Business

In the heart of Southeast Asia, Indonesia stands as a nation brimming with rich cultural diversity, stunning landscapes, and a population that’s rapidly becoming a driving force in the global economy. One of Indonesia’s standout features is its demographic bonus – a young and dynamic population that’s poised to reshape the nation’s economic landscape. In…

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The Sparkling Guide: Caring for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry at Home

Sterling silver jewelry holds a unique charm that can elevate any ensemble. Its exquisite shine and timeless elegance make it a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts. However, over time, exposure to air, moisture, and pollutants can cause sterling silver to tarnish. The good news is that with a little care and attention, you can keep your…

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Mixed metal jewelry. A combination of silver and brass

We introduce our mixed metal jewelry. A combination of brass ball and silver. Because using mixed materials like this, will be cheaper. And also will look nicer, right? Promotion for this month, special discount for 25 pairs per style order. We also accept your custom design. Email: pujung76@hotmail.comOr please fill our form below.  

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