Knowledge About Shipping Jewelry

Know Your Goods

It is important to know what kind of stuff you will ship. Because the shipping company will not accept your complaint if you ship fragile stuff and after it is broken you try to claim your insurance. Obviously jewelry is not fragile items. But a certain form of jewels is really fragile. For example, complicated forms of jewelry with a lot of dangling, tiny chain necklaces with soldering, and many more according to our experience. 

The price of your items is also needed to be your next consideration. We recommend the shipping cost allocation for your items is about approximately 15% to 30% of the value of your goods. Because more expensive shipping cost, obviously will be having better service, more secure and faster.

Don’t Ship Gold Via Postal Service

If you are going to ship gold jewelry, we recommend you not to use postal service. This because the transit time is longer which s mean a bigger chance your goods getting lost. We don’t say the postal service is bad, but who knows. 

Shipping more precious items if compare to your good value will be very low in percentage as well. Maybe your shipping cost will be less than 10% even though you use the most expensive shipping option.

Shipping Company Is Related To Each Other

We remember that one of our customers complain to us because he received is item via DHL. Even though he asked us to ship via EMS. His reason because DHL is more expensive and often that the courier didn’t want to deliver it to his office and he also has to deal with custom.
At that time we also don’t know what is going one. Because we already use EMS for his shipment. So we found out from our Post office here that EMS and also other shipping companies, for certain areas they may not use their own agent. In this case, EMS collaborated with DHL, so they can make their cost lower.

Is It True That Some Shipping Company Is Easier Processing Through Custom?

We would say it is not true. Custom in every country is the same. All packages will be going through their system no matter what the shipping company is. They have their own method and sometimes the random way to check each package. But if their rule is change, maybe your package will get further inspection.

We have experience in sending some Keris to the US. Sometimes US custom just rejects the package and the custom category as a weapon, but sometimes they just pass it. Of course in the document, we already mention it as handicraft or traditional souvenir.

Don’t Ship Samples As Samples

Better to describe your samples either from or to our place as a piece of jewelry or other things. Because otherwise, the custom (again) will charge the duty really high. We forgot exactly the detail, but samples we would imagine in the same categories as exclusive stuff. So similar to precious items. The easiest way is just mentioned as a gift or personal item.

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