How To Design Your Jewelry Line

Why it is important to know how to design.

If you are new to the jewelry industry, this tip might help. I know usually you would like to design unique items. But if it is too unique, it might be cost you a fortune to make it. And sometimes means taking more time for us to make it into reality. In some ways unique items are also fragile and not durable. Because of they usually just nice to look but not practical to wear.

This happens a lot to our previous customers.
Our suggestion is simple. Do enough research on the kind of items you would like to produce. After that make sure your creation is better than the referencing items. Make sense? Also if you design something on a certain theme, it is better to do design one component that can be used for many other things in the future. For example, if you want to make starfish themes, better to create a starfish design at proper size and shape, so you can use it for earrings, pendant and maybe bracelets. So you really will save time and money in the initial set up cost.

Important to plan your production quantity.

Another consideration when you want to design your item is how many you plan to make it in the future. Because if you would like to mass-produce it, you might consider making the mold and master instead of just do one-time mold or even just handmade it. 

Let’s say you will mass-produce it. We are talking about you will make it for 50 units or more. Or otherwise you will waste your initial set up cost. So you need to prepare your design so it is suitable for casting purposes. This is means sometimes the design need to be a little bit bulkier or thicker or otherwise the casting process will be failed. But don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about this. We have an expert to advise further on this. All you need to do is basically asking us what is the best suite for that. Sound easier right?

Why some designs still need set up cost.

Some designs are still required to make the mold and casting even though you are not going to make many of them. This because the technique is better to achieve it this way and also more affordable. Why is that? For example you want us to do a carving dragon ring. It will be easier and cheaper for us to carved it in the form of wax first. Rather than we hire metal carver and do that carving directly to the silver. However, we still do the last technique, for one of a kind items. For example, making special stones ring with a special demon carving design.

Okay, I think that is it that I can share for now. I certainly hope that you have enough information regarding how you should start your jewelry design. Please don’t feel hesitate to contact us for more private advice. Even though you are not our customer, we still can share with each other. 

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