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Our main bussiness is custom manufacturing of silver jewelry. Beside that we also have ability to produce other materials as well.  In this blog you will find not just  this service but also our on sale items. These items are on limited stock if you want something quick. We have this items in our inventory from our over production that allowed by our customers to sell. Please take a look at our on sale section.

Our product range are starting from cheap natural materials accessories like wooden earring until silver and gold combination jewelry. You can review our product range from our stylistic section of this website. And if you want us to produce your own design please just let us know about it.

Our factory located in Singapadu which is very close to the central of Bali silver home industry in Celuk. And therefore we have 50 inhouse skilfull smith and also more than a hundred of outside silver smith that we can subcontract any type of work that we have.

Beside smith we also have numbers of suppliers that supply us with all materials like genuine stones, shell, coral and even other services that we are not capable to handle like casting, plating and e coating.

Currently we have over 45 regular customers which is coming from individual designer, sales rep, small to medium size retailer until a big wholesaler company in Europe, Australia and United States. Please see our references for the detail.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenient if you need further information about us. We hope we can be one of your success partner in jewelry industry as your manufacturer.

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